Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Guess Who's the Winner, Again?

1. After quite a stressful week, guess who came out as the winner on top of all those issues and controversies?

2. After his boss asked him to retract his statement, Jeff Ooi retracted his statement which labelled JIM as an extremist organization. The CM considered the matter closed just because he has retracted his statement. But he never apologized! Damn racist!

3. After public outcry about racists publication on his blog, Rasah MP, Loke Siew Fook simply denied the blog is even his. The blog has been around for some time and yet he did not know about it? The posting received lots of feedback from readers and yet he did not know a blog named after him exist? Only after he was condemned, the blog is deleted. He report to police to claim his innocence. Does that makes sense? No apology recorded, of course.

4. Instead of banning sales of alcohol and beer at convenience stores in Muslim-majority areas, Selangor MB has came up with a 'better' idea. "Better boycott than to ban". What's the need anyway to sell beer at Muslim-majority areas when they should not be consuming them? Should the convenience store sells pornography magazines after this since the MB said the stores should be self-regulated. When there's no demand, they will not sell, according to him. Why sell unless your hidden purpose is to destroy young Muslim generations?

5. Just because Hassan Ali has opposing views, he must be punished. That's how DAP is administering the state. Don't oppose their evergreen brilliant ideas. Otherwise, you'll be in trouble. Sounds like dictatorship anyone?

6. I guess it's about time for our public market to sell pork since Malaysia has a plural society. Other people will want to buy them so we should be considerate and let them sell. Never mind about feelings of Muslims since they should learn to impose self-ban from buying pork. Let DAP propose that to the MB. I'm sure he will agree in the name of pluralism.

7. Just too bad Selangor has that kind of MB. With mismanagement of funds among its assemblymen, claim of link to the underworld among its exco and DAP making decision on behalf of the MB, I guess its fair to say only one term for them.

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